Getting the Wider View ...
Many small or 'one-man' businesses rely on word of mouth recommendation rather than advertising - and that often works very well in the local area. But in today's connected world if you don't have some kind of presence on the internet you could be missing out on some opportunities.  If you haven't done so yet you could reach further afield. The internet can be the cheapest way of making your mark - setting out your stall in what is potentially a worldwide market.

The number of customers accessing websites using mobile phones is growing rapidly, so a useful website will need to be mobile friendly.  There is a lot of discussion about responsive websites, and mobilization ... simply put your web pages should fit nicely onto any size screen, whether on a laptop, tablet, or smart phone, without having to scroll sideways, for example, to see all the page.  It is relatively simple nowadays for a web designer to design for all screen sizes from scratch. This saves having to build a separate website just for mobiles - older websites can be converted to function (and look good) on mobile devices too.

Do I Really Need a Website?

If you are considering using a website to promote your business for the first time you might want to test the water first, for a modest outlay.  A simple mobile friendly website could be the right choice for you.  At the very least, your services and products will be there to be found.